I am the parent that enjoys teaching and spending time with my daughter... So, our family needed a school that would do the same. TCA is that school in Lawton, OK. They really know how to show love to my child and correct her in love. They support my families values and excel in their educational standard, to supplement those things that I am already teaching at home. Although my child is only in K3, she is learning through play, cooking, crafts, and is also establishing healthy friendships, doing physical activity, and developing character building traits that will be carried throughout the rest of her life. The staff at TCA are certified, tuition is reasonable, and the parents smile! Furthermore, TCA understands that every great school is made up of more than just good administrators and teachers, it is also made up of quality students. Therefore, I am mostly thankful for the type of students that Trinity Christian accepts into its school and those that it is graduating and sending out into the world. No place is perfect, but I like the core mission and policies. Plus, this is a praying school. So, when God is in it, you better believe that it is a blessed place to be! – A Parent – November 2010
This school is the best school ever. My son attends and he has improved two grade levels in a few short months. I highly recommend that if you have a student who is in the k-8 that you give a serious look. – A Parent – January 2012
We are a Christ-centered school. We begin each day in God's word. Each week students memorize scripture. Every morning before school begins our staff has a devotion and prayer time. Our philosophy statement is "Educating and developing the whole person for the glory of God." We teach students where they are. Because of our commitment to small class sizes, we are able to provide one on one instruction. Students are taught the truth from God's Word in all subjects. They are challenged to know why they believe what they believe, and to defend their faith in a loving way. TCA's staff and administration are growing in Christ and desire for their students to grow in The Lord. – A Teacher -- March 2014
My daughters attended TCA from K-4 through 8th grade. They received a good education from a strong Biblical perspective. The loving environment and family atmosphere helped them to grow intellectually and spiritually. Small class sizes allow teachers to focus on each student’s educational needs. Students learn by doing as they participate in fun activities and field trips. After promoting from TCA, my girls transitioned easily to public high school and are both honor roll students. I would recommend TCA for any parent interested in a Christian education for their child.  – A Teacher – March 2014
My son has attended TCA's K4 class for the past school year, and we have loved his teacher, the administration, and the school in general. His teacher is engaging and fun, the perfect person for my son's first experience in "real school." We have been very pleased by the quality of the academic education and spiritual instruction. My son is reading at just 4.5 years old and shares all kinds of interesting facts about everything from dinosaurs to the weather that "my teacher told me." He is learning Bible verses and stories in class and even participated in a schoolwide Bible Bee. The administration is very good at communicating with the parents through email and phone messages, and I like that parents are encouraged to walk their children into the school, therefore encouraging parental interaction with each other and the staff. This is a wonderful school! – A Parent – March 2014
Trinity Christian Academy of Lawton, OK is without a doubt a "Great School!!!" The Principal, Teachers, Staff and parents all, Love and support this School. The Principal (Mr. Darrell Nightingale) openly shows and displays how much he loves the children and this school. The Teachers are the best, complete professionals and wonderful Christian people. Our daughter Hayley (K5, Megan Driver's class) could not read, right, or identify the letters of the Alphabet at the beginning of this School year. Now she can do all of this, and count backwards to 0 from 30!!! This school has a Love for God, and all our children. Best school in Lawton!!  A Parent – March 2014
This is one of the best school in Lawton, OK. My son learned so much from Ms. Shirley and the office staff is wonderful and always ready to help. Mr. Nightingale who is the principal himself greets the students in the morning and that boosts the child's confidence that he is loved and can approach anyone without hesitation. The parent involvement is excellent because I volunteered in school but never felt unwelcome. I had to take my son out mid school because we moved to California and I hope he will be blessed with a school like TCA because TCA nurtures them as whole and teaches to respect, care for the community too. My son is 4 and half yr old but he is already writing single sentences thanks to Ms. Shirley and Ms.Vicki who went above and beyond. – A Parent – March 2014
This is a great school where the teachers and administrators deeply care about the students and providing a Christian education for them. They are in God's Word all of the time and teach the kids to not be ashamed of their faith. I also like the small class sizes where the students are able to get more individual attention than they would at a public school. – A Parent – April 2014
I cannot say enough about the solid Biblical foundation, caring environment, and rigorous academics that are inherent to TCA. Both of my sons are students, and are encouraged to excel at every turn--in the classroom, in school plays, spelling, Bible, and Geography bees, archery, and more. To have my children in a school where the class sizes are manageable, and the teachers can focus on TEACHING, is priceless. My family is blessed to be a part of this school. – A Parent – April 2014
Trinity Christian Academy is wonderful! Class sizes are small enough to give each student the individualized attention and learning needed!! Each week is started out with devotions in the church auditorium, highlighting students, school activities and praising God! Christian curriculum is of utmost importance and is incorporated into all subjects! It doesn't feel just like a school; it feels like family!! I love this school! – A Teacher – April 2014
This is my third grade sons first year at Trinity Christian Academy and he absolutely loves everything about TCA. The teachers and staff at TCA are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. Since the classroom sizes are small, each child gets individual attention that most children need. I thank God everyday for such a wonderful Christian school with Christian staff that believe in prayer and making our children their priority. – A Parent – April 2014
As parent, I have had three children attend school here. The learning edge gained was invaluable. My kids are above their grade in learning due to the excellent teaching foundation instilled early in school there. The plus was making the forever lasting TCA family. I highly recommend this school for all!!! – A Parent – April 2014
My son has attended for two years and we love it. The teachers put their heart into every day and it shows in the way the children love their class. – A Parent – April 2015
And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children. ~ Isaiah 54:13